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Tooling is the process of designing and engineering the tools that are necessary to manufacture parts or components. The quality and precision of a finished mould are essential for the repeatability and reliability of high volume production. Building moulds requires specialized equipment and highly skilled engineers. Instead of doing the work by ourselves, we closely cooperate with a number of high quality tool makers. The tooling engineers and our mechanical engineers work together to ensure the most efficient structure for moulding and assembly.


Validation Tests

The VT stage is the time we bring a prototype into mass production. It often involves several rounds of trial production to work out and optimize the manufacturing procedure. Engineers are progressively pulled out from the production line.

In the preparation phase, engineers make drafts for the production procedure base on the process of making prototype. The initial version of the Standard Operation Procedure (SOP) and Standard Inspection Procedure (SIP) are presented as the start point of iteration.

The first round of iteration is called Engineering Validation Test (EVT). Our engineers work with the factory operators to build 50 to 100 units to transfer the product design on the engineering level. The engineering issues that need to be altered are identified in this phase.

Design Validation Test (DVT) is the second iteration. We set up a real production line and build 300 to 500 units. The aim of DVT is to make a consensus golden sample, a sample product satisfying all the function, reliability and cosmetic standards. The regulatory test is performed at this stage. Mass production yields are monitored. Process failure effects are analyzed to improve yield.

In the Production Validation Test (PVT) phase, we confirm the production process by building 500 to 1000 sellable units. The process is continuously optimized to reach a yield of 95% or higher.

Product development is an iterative process. Even the best design for manufacture cannot be mounted to the factory without months of pilot production. Our engineers closely cooperate with the factory to ensure fast diagnose and quick response to the production problems.

Mass Production

Surviving from the VT stage, the rest work is relatively easy. For the mass production, multiple assembly lines are set up to increase daily output. We provide continuous service to maintain product quality and ongoing yield.

Mass ProductionProduction is a carefully prepared step taken for the product lifecycle. Once the product’s design is safe and approved, it is functional; its mass ProductionProduction can be envisioned. PRECINTL offer a wide range of solution with added services and an extensive set of tools to bring your products to market efficiently with the desired quality and at the right time. For this, we have emphasized providing you with the most skilled production teams and engineering at the service of your product, in addition to access to technologically advanced equipment and exceptional capabilities.

Whether you are thinking of transferring your ProductionProduction from another supplier or willing to start it from scratch, Precintl is at your service. We have a multifunctional team specialized in product manufacturing and development. We are offering in-house ProductionProduction of innovative products, especially smart electronics and connected devices, in a minimum time and cost-effective way. In short, we are highly committed and equipped to support you at every step of the way toward mass production.

Mass Production