Mechanical Engineering

Our mechanical engineers engage their knowledge of forces, mechanics, thermodynamics, and materials to make your idea a solid foundation. We ensure your product operates nicely in different conditions. With rich factory experience, our mechanical engineers always take manufacturability into consideration, which sets us apart from other design and engineering teams.

Our agile team of mechanical engineering designers can help you with your product’s mechanical design, whether you need to update, design, or improve an existing design or a new one. From abstract mechanical engineering to the manufacturing of the product, our highly experienced and skilled mechanical engineers are there to leverage the recent updates in CAD technology, optimize your high-end mechanical design, or refining assemblies for manufacturing, functionality, and thermal constraints. Whether acting as your dedicated engineering department or collaborating into your existing workflow, our mechanical engineers engage directly by offering an efficient exchange of ideas and information that generate the results you require to gain success.

In brief, mechanical engineering services are provided by the necessary framework and components to achieve the product’s intended functions. Besides, we completely understand the viability of innovation to gain a competitive edge and personalize existing products within small time frames.

PRECINTL’s engineering capabilities and services guarantee that your product will function even in the most challenging environment you may need.